Equine physiotherapy


Equine physiotherapy is highly beneficial if owners are looking to improve their horse's performance, reduce risk of injury or recover from injury.  

Ellen is specialised in analysing the horse's gait to identify why he is feeling a bit "odd" or why you are struggling to achieve those higher scores. An assessment may include gait observation on a hard surface and on the lunge, followed by palpation. Ellen will then recommend a treatment plan using evidence based treatment and your goals for you and your horse. 

It is a legal requirement to get veterinary consent prior to the appointment.

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If you think a physiotherapy assessment may be beneficial for your horse, contact Ellen for free to find out more! 

common physiotherapy treatments

Distal Limb Injuries

This can range from navicular disease, suspensory ligament injuries and flexor tendon injuries. 

Subtle Lameness

This can be difficult to detect for the untrained eye but you may think your horse feels "off". 

Saddle Slip

Struggling to find a saddle that fits or your saddle is slipping and throwing you off balance? It's worth a physio review.

Behaviour Issues

Is your horse showing adverse behaviours such a bucking, rearing, napping or reacting to being tacked up?

This can sometimes be a sign of pain. 

Performance Issues

Are you clipping poles when trying to increase show jumping height? Or experiencing difficulty in getting higher scores in dressage? 

Movement Dysfunctions

Has your horse got an old injury that they are compensating for? Physiotherapy will assess for asymmetries and look at getting your horse moving more efficiently. 

Types of treatment

Manual Therapy


Joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage, myofasical release, trigger point release.

Exercise Therapy


Strengthening exercises, sport specific exercises, stretches, gait re-education, pole work.



Electrical Muscle Stimulation, LED phototherapy.