Canine physiotherapy


Has your dog recently undergone surgery, showing a slight limp, struggling to get in/out the car or on/off the sofa? Or you are looking to progress your scores at showing or agility?

If so a physiotherapy review may be beneficial for your dog. 

Ellen has experience of handling dogs and will make your pet feel at ease throughout the whole assessment and treatment. 

It is a legal requirement to get veterinary consent prior to assessment and treatment which means Ellen will remain in close contact with your vet to ensure better care for your beloved canine.

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If you think a physiotherapy assessment may be helpful for your dog then contact Ellen for free to find out more

common conditions treated by physiotherapy

Hip/Elbow Dysplasia

Hip/Elbow dysplasia is long term condition which is common in certain breeds. To ensure optimal management, a joint effort of  veterinary management and controlled exercises will help the dog's function.

Behaviour Changes

Has your dog recently changed its behaviour by becoming snappy or generally looking uncomfortable?

A physiotherapy assessment may find areas of soreness and help address this with specific treatment. 

Post Fractures with/without surgery

After a period of restricted movement following fracture healing/surgery, physiotherapy is required to increase joint range of movement and muscle strength to restore function.


Osteoarthritis is a long term condition that can cause pain and discomfort to dogs. Physiotherapy increases comfort and helps to support surrounding joints.

Post Spinal Surgery

Physiotherapy can be highly beneficial post spinal surgery to increase range of movement in the spine and limbs where the nerves may have been effected. 

Performance Enhancement

Specific sport exercises can be highly beneficial to help your dog thrive and excel in disciplines such as agility, fly ball, showing and many more! Additionally regular maintenance will ensure optimal muscle recovery.

Types of Treatment

Manual Therapy


Joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage, myofasical release, trigger point release.

Exercise Therapy


Strengthening exercises, sport specific exercises, stretches, gait re-education, theraband strengthening.



Splinting, electrical muscle stimulation, taping, LED Phototherapy.