About us


My name is Ellen Winter and I am the physiotherapist at All Seasons Physiotherapy.

I created All Seasons Physiotherapy after completing a Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy as I wanted to expand my physiotherapy services to horses and dogs as well as continuing to treat humans. 

I completed my undergraduate training of Physiotherapy at Plymouth University. Since graduating I have experienced treating individuals in a variety of settings with conditions such as:

- Neurological conditions (Parkinson's Disease/Stroke/MS)

- Respiratory conditions (COPD/bronchiectasis)

- Musculoskeletal injuries (sporting injuries/back and neck pain/osteoarthritis) 

 I started horse riding at the age of 5 and have been around horses ever since, whether it be working on a yard or owning my own horse. I am passionate about jumping and dressage and love learning about other disciplines. 

My range of experience and depth of knowledge has allowed All Seasons Physiotherapy to deliver the optimal treatment for you and/or your animals! It has been a real privilege extending my physiotherapy services to help animals as well as humans. 

My lovely Sprocker spaniel may make an appearance at some point (pictured) as we are never too far from one another!

What are ACPAT Physios?

The physiotherapy profession is widely known among human clients. However, within the veterinary field the term Veterinary Physiotherapist is less well understood. 

In order to be a Veterinary Physiotherapist, the clinician must complete undergraduate training in Physiotherapy BSc and then postgraduate training in Veterinary Physiotherapy MSc. 

This is to ensure your animal is receiving safe and evidence based treatment. Click the link below to find out more about ACPAT physiotherapists.